CGAJAM entry.

!Volta is a kill/get/survive/fast paced themed game, in which you are enclosed in a gravity changeable room where simple minded enemies/friends keep popping up. Survive enough, be thoughtful of what to use and when to use, get enough on all scores and buy your freedom.  

The game is based around the following themes: 

- Always faster
- Gravity

And restricted to use: 

- Graphics: Use the CGA 4 color palette. *Palette 0 or 1 allowed 

- Sound: 8Bit Sounds / Chiptune


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Awesome game, one of the best ideas I have seen at this Jam, the gameplay is very good, although it took me some time to figure it out how to play it xD. One of my favorites so far

oohh... thank you! really appreciate the feedback, glad you liked it.  :D

Cool game. I really sucked at it though ha ha.

:D thanks. i also sucked at it for quite a while until my mind got used to the gravity swap.
if it wasn't a jam game, a tutorial explaining the mechanics constraint would be a must (and also a better balancing in general), but that is almost impossible to do with the time limitation+my skills so far.
I am glad you got to experience a bit of it and thank you for the feedback.